With a whole new generation of THOR members at both locations, we would like to remind you all of some of the existing THOR policies, as well as some more updated and defined policies, that will help all THOR members have the best experience possible!

PLS NOTE: we have these policies for a few reasons… THOR is a “big-picture” type creative program, as opposed to a casual endeavor; and in this we want the students to get the full benefits of what we teach at THOR and see true musical/creative growth. And also in this, we need every student to be able to count on each other to be there for the process that they go through together, and their ownership of their part in the group and music. Seeing through a commitment, responsibility of this, and time-management is a very important part of what we teach at THOR; and every student is equally important to us and we need to be able to treat them this way.

• THOR is an ongoing monthly Program, where we see the growth over time. In this, we hope to take every student through the whole school year; but regardless every THOR member agrees to commit to THOR (and their current THOR program) through to the next main THOR show. In this, the parent also commits to pay the monthly THOR fee through the next main THOR show as well, regardless of if the student cancels their membership during the pre-show/rehearsal period, for any reason other than being asked by THOR to discontinue membership.
• Regular, punctual, consistent attendance is required (with instrument/tuner/sticks/picks/straps). Tardiness will not be tolerated!
• Notification of any scheduling conflicts must be given in writing via e-mail by parent (not student) with at least 24 hours notice.
• Respect, understanding and positivity from every member, to every other member, is expected at all times. Parents will be notified and warned if this is not the case. If the undesirable behavior continues, member will be asked to leave through the parent. BULLYING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, and we have upheld this in the past!
• Respect, understanding and positivity from every member, to Tomato and the THOR staff, establishment, and its equipment is expected at all times. If the undesirable behavior continues, member will be asked to leave through the parent, and we have upheld this in the past!

• Tomato/THOR Staff will not accept texts, calls to any personal phone line, or Facebook messages.
• Students may only contact Tomato/THOR Staff via a parent’s e-mail address, and under their guidance, with musical-based questions only.
o Calling hours are from 11am-4pm, Mon.-Fri (pre-teaching hours).
o 917.426.9111 ext. 0 or thor@tomatoshouseofrock.com – for any scheduling, billing, non-musical matters.
o 917.426.9111 ext. 1 or tomato@tomatoshouseofrock.com – to contact Tomato.
o 917.426.9111 ext. 2 or joan@tomatoshouseofrock.com – to contact Joan Chew for musical matters only.
o 917.426.9111 ext. 3 or stephanie@tomatoshouseofrock.com- to contact Stephanie Sanders for musical matters only.

THOR distributes a minimal amount of tickets to each student to be sold mandatory to family/friends for most THOR performances.

Please understand why we do this:
1) To ensure that there is a good crowd in attendance for the performance
2) To cover the expenses of putting on a show in the NYC area’s best venues
3) To teach the student the real-world responsibility of a working musician

PLS NOTE: putting on shows in the amazing venues THOR plays, for any band, requires a commitment from the band and commitment from their audience, otherwise the band cannot play the venue. Bands have to sell tickets to ensure that they have a crowd to warrant playing that venue and have a rockin show with a good crowd… and we want the students to understand the reality of the live show business. We also value giving our students the incredible experience of performing in these venues, which is unique to THOR. Please know that THOR does not make money off of these shows, the money goes into renting the venue, hiring staff, renting vehicles for instrument carting, etc.

The Participant shall act appropriately at all times, both inside and outside of THOR. Fighting, stealing, vandalism (other than designated spaces for wall art), the commission of any crime, and drug and alcohol use or possession will not be tolerated and may result in termination of participation in the Program and/or notification to the Parent and/or local law enforcement, in the sole discretion of THOR. If participation in the Program is terminated because of violation of the Code of Conduct, THOR shall not refund any money, deposit or fees paid by the Participant or the Parent.

• Skateboarding is strictly prohibited the Building.

• Smoking is prohibited inside the Building.

• Please be respectful of the Building and our neighbors, and keep the outside volume down.

• Costs of any physical damage that the Participant may cause to the Building, THOR’s premises and/or equipment (other than normal wear and tear), another participant’s equipment, and/or fines as a result of physical damage, shall be the Participant’s and the Parent’s sole responsibility.

• Please be cautious of the language you use and your conversation topics when around the younger participants.

• THOR has a “ZERO TOLERANCE” for drugs and alcohol.

• If THOR suspects that the Participant is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the Participant will be asked to leave and the Parent will be contacted.

• Please provide respect and compassion for the artistic and creative abilities of our staff and the other participants. Please remember that positive praise reinforces learning.

• Participants must remain on THOR’s premises during the sessions and may not visit other areas of the Building; however, if permission is given by the Parent and THOR, the Participant may temporarily leave THOR’s premises to get food.

• Information, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers obtained by THOR are only for the use of our staff. We will not use the information except for purposes related to the Program.