THOR “LOUDER EDUCATION” METAL WEB SERIES EPISODE #1 PREMIERES TODAY w/ special guest Richard Christy (Death/Iced Earth/Howard Stern Show)


Check out THOR’s first ever web series “Louder Education”… the first episode is a full 22 minute show, where Tomato and Alex Skolnick interview Richard Christy, along with the Metal THOR group, about his time as one of Metal’s best drummers as well as his job as one of Howard Stern’s main sidekicks… and the best part is a killer performance of “Crystal Mountain” by Richard Christy with THOR’s Max Feldman, Edwin Jacobellis, Daniel Chpatchev and Karina Rykman! Plus there’s a great amp demo from Alex as well.

We are all so proud of this – please share this with your friends and family! It is seriously cool, and way entertaining for any musician or music fan, whether into Metal or not.