Awesome THOR Bowery Ballroom Show and the Photos to prove it, taken by the amazing Ashly Covington!!! Go here to see them all!

First off, we have to say that again we are left speechless after an incredible showcase of talent. I mean, really. The fact is that whatever the age is, and whatever the style of music is, the energy, musicianship, and showmanship is beyond top notch. As it has always been from the beginning, our goal at THOR is to focus on bringing out each individual’s creative personality, and give them real-world experience on how to be a pro… and through each show we get to see the progress of what goes on during the year at THOR. This show was just another example of how proud we are of these young people and what they can achieve and stand for, and to see them play with Richard Christy and Alex Skolnick was beyond incredible. And a huge congrats to the 2012 THOR Grads… made me choke up on stage, sorry, ha ha.

Second, Ashly ( has been taking photos for big time rockers for years, and has also been taking THOR shots since the early days! She always amazes us with the true moments that she captures. Go to her website and purchase a high res download, buy some prints or any of the fun stuff that she offers – they are great for the family and will also help support Ashly in her work.