It’s a wrap! We just finished shooting the second season of the THOR Metal web series, Louder Education, hosted by Tomato and Alex Skolnick (Testament, Alex Skolnick Trio), to air on Metal Injection. This season was an incredible mix of metal legends, from Jay Jay French founder of Twisted Sister, to Alexi Laiho from Finland’s Children Of Bodom, to Metal comic/That Metal Show host Don Jamieson, to Metal Blade Records founder Brian Slagel, to Doc Coyle of God Forbid and Lamb Of God, to an episode with Alex himself to bring us up to date on a year of Testament touring and support for their new album “Dark Roots Of Earth”.

The 5 episodes, shot at THOR, will air again on Metal Injection and feature the guests being interviewed by Tomato, Alex and THOR Metal, and then a live in-studio performance with the guest and members of THOR Metal. Stay tuned for the Season 2 premier! This was a great experience and education (Louder, ha ha) for the THOR members in putting together a full season of a show, from inception to shooting to airing.